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: Upgrades

From time to time you may feel your Mac needs a bit of a boost. There are various ways of improving the performance of your Mac. The most obvious are to install a bigger, faster hard disk or an SSD or Hybrid drive plus extra memory. 

If you don’t fancy doing the job yourself please let me know and I will do it for you. I will provide a cost including parts, labour and return shipping cost and upon agreement I will get the parts in.

Once I have the parts, ship your Mac to me and I will upgrade it for you. Usually I will turn it around within a day of receipt so you will not be without your Mac for too long.

I always take into account any trade in value of the parts I am upgrading so my rates are very reasonable. If I am upgrading your hard disk I will transfer tyour data to the new disk and hang onto your old disk until the computer is safely back with you. Then I will securely wipe the data from your old drive. If you would prefer that I return the old disk to you that is fine but that may affect the price a little.

All upgrade work is backed up by my 90 day parts and labour warranty.

Contact me if your Mac needs a new lease of life today!

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