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Mac ownership can be an expensive business but in truth, it doesn’t have to be. Even if your existing Mac has died you will be amazed at how much it could still be worth for parts. Don’t ship those dead Macs off to the computer graveyard in your local refuse centre, ask me what it is worth.

If it is fully working then it will be worth even more and I will always give a fair price for your existing Mac as a trade in against your replacement.

How does it work? Just get in touch and let me know your requirements for a replacement Mac along with the full specs and condition of the Mac you wish to trade in. I will give a you a guide price for both the trade in and replacement which is usually very accurate.

If your Mac is in the condition you stated I nearly always give the quoted amount as a trade in. Very occassionally I may find a problem which you may not have been aware of which may affect what I can offer but this is unusual.

Do I buy for cash? – Not normally, but occasionally if I am looking for parts dfor a particular model which you have then I may well be interested so please feel free to ask the question.

Contact me if you are looking for a trade today.

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