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: Repairs

Have a problem with your Mac and don't fancy
taking it apart yourself?

Don't worry, let me know the problem and I will help you sort it out. In most cases I can provide an accurate guide price for the repair before you even have to send your Mac to me. However, on receipt I will confirm the price prior to starting the work and if you are not happy I will return your Mac as is and I will just charge you the return shipping cost.

I do not do circuit board repairs so all my work is on a replacement part basis. The most expensive repairs are always the logic board (motherboard) and display assembly.

I don't automatically buy new parts which can be expensive. I am always on the lookout for dead or broken Macs to strip down and use for parts which helps to keep the cost of repairs down. All parts are thoroughly tested before and after installation and back up by my 90 day warranty.

Once I have the parts, I can usually complete the repair within a day so you will not be without your Mac for too long.

Contact me if your Mac needs a new lease of life today!

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